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Autoinstall VmWare Agent

Posted in GPO, it, jobb, vmware, windows 10 on 7 februari, 2019 by pirathotten

You are unable to update the VmWare agent once connected to the virtual client.
This is because you have an active PCoIP-connection, the only way to update the VmWare agent is to do so in a Console view.
This is of course unmanageable with several virtual clients.
I was unable to find a solution for this while searching around the google sphere.
So I though I just make my solution public.
There is probably better solutions out there, but hey.
This is how I did it.

The guide is for auto updating to version 7.7.0.
Updating to other versions demands changes in the version fields.

First I created a .bat with the input.

net stop wsnm >NULL
c:\temp\ViewAgentSetup.exe /s /v /q >NULL

Then I needed to put the .bat and the agent setup in a file share everything can reach, like SYSVOL for example.

I then proceed to create my GPO and add these files to the local computer.
This is because I want to remove the setup when it’s done to prevent a reboot loop.

Computer Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Files
First for the .bat file that I use as a startup script.

And then I made a similar rule for the VmWare Agent install.

Once again i use targeting to filter the file version.

Then I want to remove the setup file.
So that a new installation can’t begin and create a reboot loop, this should be prevented by having the .bat in replace mode and telling it ”remove this item when it is no longer applied”.
But see this as an extra precaution.


Then it should look something like this.

Then all that is needed is a startup script.
That is created under.
Computer Configuration -> Polices -> Windows Settings -> Scripts -> Startup

Then it’s done.
Activate the policy in a desired OU and let it auto install the next time the VM reboots.

If you’re using linked clones I recommend updating the template instead and then push out the new template.

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